Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to creating and supporting CSR programs that bring about sustainable changes for causes we care

Spearheading transformational projects to make a difference to lives of people

We design, build and operate hyperscale and edge data centers to deliver utmost reliability, reach, flexible power configurations and carrier-dense ecosystem for a superior customer experience. Our facilities are fully-equipped to provide scalable, digitised and borderless IT infrastructure to meet the needs of today’s most transformational companies across verticals.

With our data centers and rich ecosystem, we provide a platform for businesses to carve their strategic digital roadmaps and transform the way they do business. Robust, interconnected and always available network across our sites make us a true converged ICT player. With an unmatched data centre footprint across 120+ locations in India, we bring the possibilities of creating innovative edge solutions for a long-term business advantage.

CSR Policy


This CSR policy has been approved by the Board of Directors of Nxtra Data Limited (“Nxtra”) pursuant to the provisions of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 with an objective to provide guidance and direc-tion to undertake CSR initiatives in a more structured and unified manner.




Selection and Implementation



Monitoring and Disclosure

Annual Action Plan

CSR Projects

For us, it is the credo of growing together as a nation and society that motivates us to take up multiple CSR initiatives and go beyond the mandate. We believe that strengthening the education system is an essential investment in our country’s future and have pledged to contribute towards it. We constantly endeavour to create value for communities by offering solutions at all levels.

Pahle India Foundation

Pahle India Foundation aims at identifying and proposing policy oriented sustainable solutions to EEUS Sectors. Energy and climate change related policies have often been viewed, incorrectly, as deterrents to economic development and these need to have an additional element of sustainability built into them. The policy oriented research addresses issues like, Reforms Needed in the Power Sector of India, Increase in the Footprint of Renewables in the Energy Mix, Sustainable Energy Financing, Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Waste Management and Sustainable Smart Cities.

Serendipity Arts Foundation

We support pedagogic practices that disrupt barriers to learning and disassemble hierarchies—in the fields of curricular design and accessibility are a key mandate of Serendipity Arts Foundation, which draws from and enriches our exploration of research, writing, and sensorial engagement through methodologies that encourage co-learning and inclusion. It curates temporally fluid projects that are both independent and contiguous to the programming at the Festival–often resulting in workshops and showcases, and continuing through research.

Bharti Foundation

For the last two decades, Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Group, in collaboration with multiple other organisations and government, has taken it upon itself to bring transformation in the field of education for underprivileged children in the country. It aims to impact the lives of children and youth by proactively implementing and supporting programs in primary, secondary, and higher education as well as sanitation through its Satya Bharti School Program, Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, Higher Education Programs and Satya Bharti Abhiyan program.

Centre for Policy Research

Our partnership initiative with Centre for Policy Research is committed to fostering an evidence-based conversation about how to ensure a clean and sustainable environment for a growing India & globe. The experts research topics ranging from environmental jurisprudence to the construction industry, and they engage directly with domestic and international environmental institutions. Some of key dialogues range from water law and land rights to climate change and energy policy, managing the tension between development and the environment is a local challenge that requires global cooperation.

CSR Committee

Harjeet Singh Kohli | Member, Director

Harjeet Singh Kohli

Member, Director

Harjeet is a part of Bharti Management Board and drives the strategic aspects of businesses.

Kapil Modi | Member, Director

Kapil Modi

Member, Director

Kapil is a Director in Carlyle India team and has been a part of the investment team.

Vani Venkatesh | Non-executive Director

Vani Venkatesh

Non-executive Director

Vani is responsible for running circle operations across mobility, broadband and DTH.

Annual CSR Report